Tommy Thompson Park:
Toronto’s Urban Wilderness

A unique place near downtown Toronto to experience nature, and one of the best places for bird-watching in the city, with more than 300 recorded species. Use the menu below to find details on visiting the park, trails, events, festival, programs, restoration, and research.

On Saturday, September 30, between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., participants of the Bay St Rides FAR charity event will be passing through Tommy Thompson Park along the Multi-use Trail.

Fall is peak season for animals and insects to be on the move at Tommy Thompson Park. Unfortunately, this also means there is a lot of wildlife on the trails. Wildlife is often hard to see, making them highly susceptible to being stepped on or run over by bikes. Please be very cautious while visiting the park this season – maintain slow speeds while cycling, stay on official trails, and keep your eyes open for wildlife – baby turtles can resemble stones, and snakes look a lot like Cottonwood twigs.

As part of the Invasive Species Strategy, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is managing Black Locust at the Tommy Thompson Park Cell 2 wetland, where it is outcompeting native plants and reducing biodiversity. Large logs are being repurposed as habitat structure in the cormorant colony to increase ground nesting.

TRCA and the City of Toronto enforce park rules to ensure the health and safety of visitors and wildlife at Tommy Thompson Park. Unfortunately, the rise of violations at the park has led to the increase of enforcement from both organizations, to educate visitors and turn away those looking to enter the park with pets. We are also working to engage the Toronto Police Service, as our mutual enforcement officers cannot be on site 24-7, and we understand that additional patrols are required after hours to address infractions that are occurring. TRCA has resumed the TTP weekend programming. All parties are committed to protecting the park and we will adapt our efforts accordingly, based on the behaviours of the visitors to the site. If you visit the park and would like to report an infraction, please contact 311 or for more information contact