Education at TTPBRS

Educational programs at TTPBRS for local schools, the general public as well as student and professional ornithologists provide unique opportunities that are currently lacking in the Greater Toronto Area. Currently we offer two captivating educational programs: Winged Migration (schools) and A Bird in the Hand (general public).

Winged Migration

"Children retain 10 percent of what they read, 15 percent of what they hear, but 80 percent of what they do"

Students will be actively engaged in activities designed to hone their observation and data collection skills.  When weather conditions permit, students have the exclusive opportunity to examine migratory species at the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station and observe staff and volunteers who are carrying out their daily monitoring and bird banding activities. This 2.5-hour program invites students to become immersed in the phenomenon of bird migration and develop a deeper understanding of the importance of urban wilderness. Visit the education page for more information.

A Bird-in-the-hand: Program for TTP Visitors

We believe that effective conservation of birds and the environment is only possible through education. At TTPBRS we have an open door policy - we want to share the experience of a bird up close and personal with as many people as we can. We offer bird banding demonstrations and discussions on weekends and holidays during park hours. Visitors to TTPBRS can view our bird monitoring programs in action, ask questions and view bird migration at one of the premier sites in southern Ontario.

Caution: Bird Research Area

At TTPBRS we use mist nets to capture and band birds for monitoring and research. Visitors are free to explore the study area but are asked to refrain from approaching the mist nets. These nets are checked at least every 30 minutes and we need to minimize encounters between people and captured birds as this causes unnecessary stress. We also want to maintain consistency in our data, which is affected by human presence near the net lanes. We appreciate the cooperation of the general public in continuing to make the Migration Monitoring Program at TTP a success.

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Education at TTPBRS

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Hours of Operation

Tommy Thompson Park is open to the public weekends and holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year?s Day. Operating hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from November to March and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from March to November (coinciding with daylight savings time).



Tommy Thompson Park (TTP) is located at the base or foot of Leslie Street where it meets Unwin Avenue, south of Lake Shore Boulevard East.



Lake Ontario moderates TTP's climate, with less heat & humidity in the summer and less snow in the winter than areas immediately north. Prevailing winds are westerly, with faster speeds and greater wind chill effects. Fogs forms twice as often at TTP than the rest of Toronto.